Merlin's Alderly Edge King Aurthur's Court Tennis Courts Hill Top Tajar Pearly Gates Cloud 9 Tin Tagel Dining Hall Bat's Roost Council Ring The Waterfall Lily Pad Swim Docks Boat House Long John and Little Dipper Program Office Weaving Hut Wit's End Arts & Crafts Shack The Bang Shop Welcome Lodge Gatehouse Wood & Glass Shop Nature Nook Covered Riding Ring Garden Barn Landsports Field Archery Field Chapel The Ark Castle Canoe Docks Cabin Lines Sailing Docks Hill Cabins


One of camp's original buildings, Castle is home to Merrie-Woode's stage. Theatre classes meet here as well as many of our evening programs. Campers and counselors gather here each morning to start their day with a morning devotional and announcements.


The Barn is the summer home for camp’s horses! 3 outdoor riding rings settled amongst the trees provide a wonderful spot for Riding classes!

Covered Riding Ring

The covered riding arena allows for a place to ride during the rain and provides a break from the sun. CMW’s Drill Team practices their show routines here.


The CMW Garden Club cares for the camp garden! You will find plenty of vegetables, herbs, and fruits growing here!

Nature Nook

Perched in the trees, classes in the Nature Nook will make you feel like you are a member of the Swiss Family Robinson!

Landsports Field

You can find any number of games happening on the Landsports Field…soccer, kickball, capture the flag, and so many more! You are sure to have a ball!

Archery Field

Archery classes are held on the open Archery Field!

Wood & Glass Shop

Woodworking and Stained Glass classes are held in the main bay of this building.

Gate House

Originally built in the 1920s for camp’s off-season caretaker, the Gate House now houses non-cabin summer staff members.

Merlin’s Alderley Edge

Merlin’s Alderley Edge houses members of our summer leadership team and is available for camp alumnae to rent in the off-season.

King Arthur’s Court

King Arthur’s Court is home to camp’s gym and climbing wall! Always a hub of activity, you can often find campers climbing, tumbling, and playing here!

Welcome Lodge

The Welcome Lodge is one of the very first buildings you come to in camp. You will stop here on Opening Day where the Directors will tell you what cabin you are in! During the summer, several non-cabin staff activity counselors live here.


One of the most peaceful places in camp, Chapel is nestled amongst towering pine trees by the edge of Lake Fairfield. The entire camp community gathers at this beautiful stone amphitheater each Sunday morning for a reflective Chapel service.

The Ark

The Ark, home to the counselor’s lounge, is one of the only places in camp reserved for counselors only! Sitting out over the water, it is a nice place for counselors to enjoy a break from their busy days.

Hill Cabins

The Hill Cabins house the oldest campers in camp, known as the Knights. These cabins are a bit bigger, have their own bathrooms, and hold up to 12 campers and 2 counselors.

Tennis Courts

At the top of the hill sits Merrie-Woode’s 5 tennis courts!

Wit’s End

Wit’s End is the home of the CMW Junior Counselors during the June and Main Sessions.

Arts & Crafts Shack

Humming with creativity, this is where you will find our Arts & Crafts and Ceramics classes!

The Bang Shop

Jewelry classes are held in The Bang Shop. You won’t question the name when you walk by and hear hammers beating on shiny metal all day long!


Hilltop is the home of camp’s year-round offices where all the “behind-the-scenes” work takes place.

Program Office

The Program Office is always a buzz of activity and the center of summer operations! This is also where you will find the Stock Shop. Scheduled tours of camp will begin here.

Weaving Hut

Campers gather on the back porch or inside the Weaving Hut to create wonderful woven projects!

Long John and Little Dipper

Long John and Little Dipper are the bathhouses for the cabins on the front and back lines.

Cabin Lines

Most campers, in the Page, Yeoman, and Squire age groups, stay in these front and back line cabins along the shore of Lake Fairfield. Starting with the youngest in Du Kum Inn and progressing in age up the line, these cabins offer the best view in camp!

Boat House

The Boat House is the center of operations for all Boating classes!

Sailing Docks

Camp’s sail boats are docked here when they are not out on Lake Fairfield!

Canoe Docks

Canoes are launched from these docks all day long! Whether it’s a game of canoe slides or dedicated boaters working towards passing their strokes, the Canoe Docks are one of the busiest places in camp!

Swim Docks

The best spot to cool off in camp, campers are always making a splash at the Swim Docks!

Lily Pad

We gather at Lily Pad each Sunday evening for a camp-wide cookout!

Council Ring

We meet in the Council Ring every Sunday night for campfire where we sing songs and tell stories with the soothing sound of the waterfall behind us.

The Waterfall

We are fortunate to have our own waterfall on property. Lake Fairfield is fed by the falls, creating one of the most beautiful spots in camp.

Bat’s Roost

Bat’s Roost is home to our non-cabin outdoor adventure staff members!

Dining Hall

One of camp’s original buildings, the Dining Hall is where we gather for 3 meals a day. Meals are served family style as we enjoy good old fashioned camp cooking!

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is home to camp’s infirmary and the best camp nurses you’ll ever meet! Its peaceful back porch has one of the very best views in camp!


Tajar, named after the fun-loving mythical camp creature, is home to our Sewing and Knitting classes. The camp library is upstairs, the perfect spot to curl up by a window with a good book!

Pearly Gates

Our Associate Director lives in Pearly Gates.


Our Camp Directors live in Tintagel…named for the castle of King Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon.