CMW Centennial Archives

Preserving Camp Merrie-Woode’s rich history for future generations has been a pillar of focus leading up to our centennial celebration. Great care has been given in establishing a system to manage the camp photographs, documents, film footage, Camp Logs, Ripples, letters, artifacts, and personal collections that make up the CMW Centennial Archives. This facility opened in 2018 in the Program Office to provide a climate-controlled space with appropriate archival storage systems. Our Reading Room offers a comfortable place for alumnae and researchers to visit, learn about Merrie-Woode’s significant history, and enjoy the wonderful memories triggered by camp treasures. The Program Office also houses permanent and rotating archival exhibits.

What’s in the Collection?

Below is the table of contents to our Finding Aids which lists the collections within the CMW Centennial Archives. This gives a broad overview of everything housed in our full collection.

Archives Finding Aid

As we continue the process of digitizing sections of our archived materials, please enjoy the documents, photos, and videos below. We will continue to add more material, so check back every so often to see what’s been added to our online galleries below.

CMW Archives - Selections From Our Digital Collections

Visiting the Archives

We encourage our alumnae as well as outside researchers to come and visit the CMW Centennial Archives. Whether you are researching a particular subject or simply looking to explore what treasures can be found in our collections, make a trip to our Reading Room!

  • Research is by appointment only from August – May, Mon. – Fri., 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Visits during the summer camp sessions are only granted in rare circumstances.
  • Simple research requests for Camp Logs or Ripples may be granted during the summer sessions after Chapel services on Sundays (12:00 – 12:45pm). The archival exhibits will also be open to view during this time.

Email to arrange an appointment. It is helpful to indicate which collections, items, or subjects you are interested in before arriving. Our collections are rare and delicate. Because of this, we ask our visitors to follow some basic rules in the Reading Room to ensure the safekeeping and preservation of our materials:

  • All material must be viewed in our Reading Room
  • No food or beverages are allowed
  • Pencils only
  • Only one folder or volume can be viewed at a time
  • You must maintain the original order of the materials within their folders
  • You may take photos of items without using a flash

The CMW Centennial Archives collection consists of material obtained from various sources. All originals in the CMW Centennial Archives are held under copyright by Camp Merrie-Woode, The Merrie-Woode Foundation, Inc. Additional items within the collection are also protected by copyright, trademark and/or restrictions held by others.


Making a Donation to the Archives

We are continuously adding new materials to our archives to document and preserve Merrie-Woode’s history and camp culture. We rely on our alumnae community’s generosity to help the collection grow and thrive. If you are interested in donating items to the CMW Centennial Archives, please email Our camp archivist, Lindsay Hostetler, will work with you to determine if your items fit into our collection and identify the best method of delivery. All materials donated to the archives will be processed and carefully preserved according to archival standards, and a Finding Aid will be created to aid researchers. Some items we are currently in search of include:

  • Original camp uniforms predating the 1940s
  • Letters and correspondence to and from camp directors
  • Artifacts
  • Scrapbooks
  • Ripples from the 1940s

Share Your Story!

Alumnae, we want your stories! In developing the Centennial Book, we realize we have only scratched the surface of the hidden treasures out there among our alumnae in terms of Merrie-Woode stories. Everyone has favorite camp memories, whether it’s a campout that went awry, a favorite meal in the Dining Hall, or your memories of people like Dammie Day, the Orr family, and Hugh Caldwell. We want to collect your memories into an oral histories collection in the CMW Centennial Archives. Send your written or recorded stories to Lindsay Hostetler at or Camp Merrie-Woode, ATTN: Archives, 100 Merrie-Woode Rd., Sapphire, NC, 28774. We are excited to see this collection grow and be used for any number of history projects in the future.